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Citrus-based cleaning solutions have recently met consumers’ need for environmentally friendly cleaning products. However, like with other products that promise to have a major impact, misconceptions about Citrus cleansers can affect public perception, either undermining or exaggerating the final benefit of a Citrus degreaser. In order to help you choose a Citrus degreaser, we’ve debunked four of these fallacies. If you are having plans to purchase a citrus based degreaser such as CitroClean, it is important to be aware of what those myths are. Then you can make an informed decision to proceed with purchasing the most appropriate degreaser available for purchase in the market.

All citrus degreasers are non-toxic to the environment

The assumption that all citrus cleansers are safe for the environment is based on two myths. The first myth is that a Citrus cleaner must be organic because it is citrus-based. The second misunderstanding is that because Citrus cleaners are “natural,” they must be non-toxic. To address the first misunderstanding, keep in mind that a product that says it’s “based” on citrus doesn’t always mean it’s cleaning power is derived entirely from citrus. To address the second misunderstanding, keep in mind that any product can claim to be natural if it contains natural components. If you want an organic citrus degreaser, look for one that can genuinely claim to be 100 percent organic. Solvents labeled as “natural” or “environmentally preferred” are usually safer than their poisonous equivalents, although they don’t always possess a completely organic makeup.

Citrus degreasers are safe to use in the home, but not in the workplace

The majority of Citrus cleaners on shop shelves are designed for household usage, giving the impression that Citrus cleaners are just for domestic use and not for heavy-duty industrial cleaning. While the bulk of Citrus cleaners aren’t designed for industrial degreasing, there are a few commercial-grade Citrus cleaners, such as CitroClean citrus cleanser and heavy-duty degreaser, that can handle the toughest degreasing operations. Examining who utilizes an industrial Citrus degreaser is one of the greatest methods to assess its performance. Aviation organizations, military organizations, and big industrial businesses, for example, all rely on a high degree of degreasing that occurs in a short amount of time.

You’ll need more Citrus Degreaser than you would with a regular degreaser

The amount of degreaser used in every degreasing application is determined by two factors: the degreaser’s power and its consistency. To address the first problem, manufacturers of industrial Citrus cleaners, like as CitroClean, provide scientific proof of their product’s cleaning ability. To address the second aspect, even when a degreaser has superior degreasing strength, a degreaser with an aqueous consistency rather than a semi-aqueous consistency generally requires more liberal application to get the optimum results.

If you are interested in saving money with your degreaser, you should proceed with using a citrus based degreaser such as Citro Clean. You will fall in love with the way how it can help you with saving money.

Citrus Degreaser is less effective than a traditional degreaser

Many consumers mistakenly believe that because traditional degreasers include harsh chemicals, they have greater degreasing power, which is just not true. To determine a degreaser’s degreasing capability, go to the manufacturer’s scientific data or independent quality panels. Many organic industrial Citrus cleaners, according to multiple tests, have the same or better degreasing power as their traditional equivalents.

Final words

Now you are aware of the most common myths related to citrus based degreasers. While keeping these facts in mind, you can go ahead and purchase the most appropriate degreaser available for purchase out there.

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